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Bleecker Bifold

When I met Tyler, the founder of Home Field Advantage Goods, I immediately connected with him. When I saw his exceptional craftsmanship, suggesting a collaboration to create an all-American leather + selvedge denim wallet was a no-brainer. And so the Bleecker Bifold wallet was born.

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How I Got Here

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by two peers in the denim industry - Kelly Harrington and Will Varner. I met them both in person at this year's Denim Days festival and we've stayed in touch ever since. This was a treat for me, and allowed me to look back on the past five years and remember how I got here.

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Brooklyn Sunrise

What is so compelling about the Brooklyn Bridge is that from different perspectives it conveys different inspirations. From afar, the bridge is elegant and stoic. Up close, it's brimming with energy... [more]

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Brooklyn Dragon

At the end of 2018 it was time to develop a logo that represented FITTED Underground. I called my good friend, Kris, and we got to work. 

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