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FITTED x Big Dude

Super excited to drop my first ever collaboration jeans with my good friend, Mike Bandy, aka @bigdudeindenim. Limited run of 12 jeans, size 29-42, and custom sizing. Drops Mon. 9/13/2021. More from the man himself...

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Waxed Canvas Jeans

I was humbled and excited when Chris commissioned me to make him a pair of waxed canvas jeans. Bold and audacious, these jeans are right up his alley - and not for the faint of heart. 

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The Brooklyner

Great things happen when good people work together, and I'm very excited to announce a collaboration belt with some exceptional local artisans. The Brooklyner is a limited edition, indigo dipped, made-to-order, veg tanned leather belt. 100% locally made.

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2021 - Looking Forward

2021, I’m coming for you. At the top of my to do list is shirting. After 7 years of exclusively making jeans, it's time to branch out. This has been a long time coming.

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