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Bleecker Bifold

HFA x FITTED Underground Collaboration

After making custom jeans full time since 2014, I recently decided to expand my product line. Soon to come are shirts and jackets, but first I wanted to try my hand at leather accessories. 

When I met Tyler, the founder of Home Field Advantage Goods, I immediately connected with him. When I saw his exceptional craftsmanship, suggesting a collaboration to create an all-American leather + selvedge denim wallet was a no-brainer. And so the Bleecker Bifold wallet was born.

Working with Tyler has been a joy. He's smart, focused and super motivated. Our goal was to design an all-American wallet that would create an exceptional patina and fade.

 So we started off with Tyler's bifold design and added an additional quick draw pocket and selvedge denim divider. We sourced leather from PA and denim from NC - plus Tyler's craftsmanship from NJ and my two cents from NY.

My contribution has come in the form of design input, sourcing materials, a bit of marketing and helping to figure out how to securely affix denim to leather without it fraying - 6 years of sewing jeans and you pick up a trick or two.

But the heavy lifting has come down to Tyler. His craftsmanship, obsessive attention to detail and clean design sensibilities have made the Bleeker into one of the most unique wallets on the market today.

It's a seamless integration of workwear's foundational materials: denim and leather. Born to fade and built for the long haul, the Bleeker is crafted to stand the test of time.


The Bleeker is a selvedge denim x natural veg tanned leather bifold wallet developed in collaboration between HFA x FITTED Underground. Inspired by the friendship between Tyler from HFA and Eric of FITTED, the Bleeker came into existence due to their shared love of fades and patinas. Made with American leather, American selvedge denim and hand crafted in New Jersey by Tyler himself, this wallet will be produced in very limited quantities.


  • "American Vachetta" natural veg tanned leather from Wicket & Craig in Pennsylvania has an exceptionally soft, buttery hand
  • Wallet will burnish quickly to a rich caramel patina
  • Leather is untreated and made to take on dye and oils exceptionally well
  • Selvedge detail from White Oak dead stock denim from North Carolina
  • Developed with twin quick draw card holders for easy card access

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