Remote Fitting

To conduct a remote fitting, schedule a call with us.  Then:

  1. Put on your best fitting jeans
  2. Give us a call to quickly discuss the fit
  3. Place your order
  4. Send us your jeans, free of charge
And that's it. We'll send your jeans back with your new custom jeans, usually within two weeks. 


        Or, if you prefer to do it yourself, take the following measurements on a hard, flat surface with your best fitting jeans. 

        1. WAIST WIDTH
        Straighten the waistband by pulling the front of the pant up and measure across the top.

        These have a waist width of 18 3/4"

        2. HIP WIDTH (optional)
        Measure 7" down each side seam and straight across. 

        These have a hip width of 21 1/8"; for a modern rise the hip width is 20 7/8"

        3. THIGH WIDTH
        Fold the pant at the inseam. Measure across the leg 1" below the crotch point.

        These have a thigh width of 13"

        4. INSEAM LENGTH
        Measure from the crotch point to the end of the hem along the inseam.

        These have an inseam length of 35"

        5. LEG TAPER
        No measurement required.

        Mid-points between each leg profile (i.e. "Straight / Tapered" and "Tapered / Slim") are also available.

        6. RISE
        No measurement required.

        Then create your account.


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