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Arcuate Development

Photo essay 

I had two goal when I updated my rear pocket design with the "Brooklyn Bridge arcuates". First, identify FITTED Underground as a Brooklyn company; I am a third generation Brooklynite, and the diversity and energy of our borough is a defining feature of my life and my brand. 

Second, I wanted to pay tribute to the denim companies that have come before me. Keeping the tradition of denim-making alive in America is not easy. There are few of us who do it, and I'm proud to do my part to carry this torch.

And for good measure, I included a hidden detail: the rear pocket can be lined with a hidden break that fades in as the roadway of the bridge. Details that emerge over time are what it's all about.





Look closely. That hidden break will fade in nicely. See it?


  • nibhynpdbc

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Tom

    THIS is dope!

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