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2018 is here!

Farewell 2017! With the start of a new year, it's time to highlight some key accomplishments from the past 12 months and look forward to some exciting developments tee'd up for 2018.

First, this past year I finalized my fit process.  After a lot of changes and tweaks, I’m super happy with our patterns, process and products. Each will continue to improve, but I now have great answers to some big questions I had on day 1 of starting FITTED.

Second, I moved my workshop to North Williamsburg. I miss my colorful conversations with my compadre, Charlene, but I’m happy to have found my machines a good home and that she has her first floor and basement back!

Last but not least, I took to the next level, by allowing clients to reorder custom jeans with the click of a button. I'm happy to say, the feedback has been resoundingly positive.

But our most exciting days lie ahead. Already in 2018, we've dropped a remote fitting process so clients from Brooklyn to Boise can get fitted. I’m also looking forward to finding new premium fabrics for my clients and am already developing new styles.

Most importantly, I’m excited to get the word out about FITTED, and watch it continue to grow, one pair of jeans at a time.  Thank you for being part of the journey.

Happy 2018!


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