Mission, Purpose & Values

I've written about why I was inspired to start FITTED and the type of company I'd like to create.  In this post I'll layout a framework for getting there. 

A company's mission and values can be guiding lights that reaffirm its purpose, or lofty ideals that are divorced from reality.  The only way to make them meaningful is to live them. To help us do that, let me define each as simply as I can:

  • Our purpose is why we exist
  • Our mission states where we're going
  • And our values describe the behaviors that will get us there

These will evolve as we grow.  But by writing them out today, I hope to develop a company and culture we're proud of tomorrow.


FITTED's Purpose, Mission & Values

FITTED's purpose is to maximize stakeholder value.  This includes our return to investors, the happiness of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers and broader community.

To create value for our customers by creating the best fitting clothes in the world at a competitive price.


  1. Work hard. 
  2. Stay humble. 
  3. Have fun. 
  4. Be accountable. 
  5. Be transparent. 
  6. Be inclusive. 
  7. Treat customers like old friends. 
  8. Take risks. 
  9. Create sustainable growth. 
  10. Keep moving forward.

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