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FITTED x Big Dude

Collaboration Jean

Super excited to drop my first ever collaboration jeans with my good friend, Mike Bandy, aka @bigdudeindenim. Limited run of 12, size 29-42 + custom. Drops Mon. 9/13. More from the man himself...

By Mike Bandy
September, 2021

"For my collab pair, I wanted both interesting denim and subtle details. After reviewing a few options, I opted for the 14.5oz double black unsanforized "Dragon Denim" from Okayama Japan, woven on a vintage G3 shuttle loom. This denim displays amazing slub and 3-dimensional yarn characteristics as it ages.


At 14.5oz it’s a little lighter than my preference for raw denim, but because it’s unsanforized it becomes slightly heavier post wash, which makes it feel a tad heavier, and due to the slub it wears exceedingly well.

Details wise I was inspired by the contrast stitching on my favorite denim shirt, my Indigofera Fargo, and opted for some contrast stitching on the inseam, hem and a cool element at the coin pocket that Eric helped design. Fingerprint rivets from Finely Wrought added a nice handmade touch to the hardware, along with the white enamel and brass “Brooklyn Sunrise” waistband button.

Overall I feel these jeans standout while also being extremely wearable and not in the slightest garish or over the top and I cannot say enough about them. They are everything I could have hoped for in a pair of double black denim and I thank Eric at FITTED Underground for putting his faith in me to help design a pair of these things we love so much!"

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