Getting to YES

I'd need to remind myself how I got to "yes".  How did I decide to quit my job to start a business I knew nothing about?

Externally, life aligned to help me make the jump.  I had entered banking back in 2010 after graduate school and, four years on, I was pretty miserable.  A lot changes in finance but the hours don't, and I wanted a certain level of freedom and creativity back in my life. 

So when the idea for FITTED Underground showed up I was receptive, but I still had reservations.  The idea felt compelling, but crazy.  I didn't know a thing about fashion, and skilling-up would be a huge undertaking.  Not to mention that other companies were already going down this road in some form.

But a number of friends encouraged me and one in particular helped teach me how to sew.  And the idea had begun to take root - I was experiencing little fits of creativity and a growing desire to say yes. 

Externally life got me to the precipice, but what made me jump was that internally I couldn't not do it.  And that's the right way to phrase it because I was resistant, and frankly scared of failing.  But the idea had a soul and wanted to be lived, and inside I wanted to help make that happen.  

Most new ventures are messy.  Things don't always proceed linearly, relationships can get strained, nothing is guaranteed. But if you love it, you do it.  So when the idea for FITTED Underground showed up, I have to give myself credit because I said yes.  Sometimes the willingness that precedes an action is even more important than the action itself. 

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